New Adult Genre

8 Jan

New Adult Genre

The genre of New Adult seemed to emerge out of nowhere in 2012. I started to hear it more often. Then, I was reading a multitude of debates on blogs over whether or not it was a stupid. People were saying that “New Adult” is “Adult”, so why call the genre “New Adult”? I heard people argue that if it’s for “New Adult”, it should be kept with “Young Adult”. Some people thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Me? I love it.

Here, in my early twenties, I find myself loving YA still. So many of the Adult books I read, have romantic affairs between people 30 or 40 years old. That’s fine, but I can’t always relate to a wealthy lawyer or a lusting soccer mom. I’m still in school. I’m still finding myself. My parents still give me presents from Santa. During holiday parties, I prefer to sit with the teenagers.

This is why New Adult is so perfect. Because it’s me. I am a new adult. I’m still grappling with issues from my teenage years. It’s all still relevant. But I also feel like I’m ready to handle the more serious and edgy issues that aren’t always present in YA novels, or that are more censored because of the age group.

Also, I found this great article on the topic at Jezebel. Read it here.

This is why I officially dub 2013, the year of New Adult. I’m writing my first NA novel, tentatively titled Erased. More on that soon…

What do you think of New Adult novels? How do you feel about creating a new genre?



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