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The Long Game Cover Reveal!

28 Aug

The Long Game by J.L. Fynn

The Long Game

Book Name: The Long Game

Book Genre: NA Contemporary

Book release date: October 7, 2013

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The Long Game book blurb:

Smooth talking. Ambitious. Loyal. Twenty-year-old Shay Reilly has proven himself to his Irish-American Gypsy clan on small-scale cons, but now the clan leader has a bigger mission for him: playing the long game.

To rake in the big score he’s after, he needs to con co-ed Spencer into falling in love with him. He knows he should see Spencer as a mere means to an end, but that’s easier said than done when there’s a witty, attractive girl in your arms.

Now the only thing that can keep them apart is the thing that brought them together: Shay’s plans of revenge against someone who wronged his clan and family years before—Spencer’s father

About the author J.L. Fynn:

J.L. FynnJ.L. Fynn is the public face of a private identity. She enjoys making up stories about iniquitous heroes, providing Delphic answers to unasked questions, and obfuscating the truth just for laughs. But then, what’s an author but a professional liar? If you send her an email she might let you in on her little secret—assuming she likes your moxie.

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Going Home Again Blog Tour

24 Aug

Title: Going Home Again

Author: Abby Cavenaugh

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Going Home Again Cover

Going Home Again

Book Blurb:

In high school, it was doubtful Michael Day knew Alyssa Jones existed.

Twenty years later, when the now-famous pop star returns home to coastal North Carolina, Alyssa gets a second chance to make a first impression on Michael.

On sabbatical from his failing marriage, Michael agrees to an interview with Alyssa, a journalist for the local tourist magazine.

When the chemistry between them ignites, Alyssa and Michael are hit with the harsh reality that he isn’t yet free to love her.

With Michael’s wife and son still very much in the picture, can Alyssa hold out until he ends his marriage for good? Or will she risk it all for a second chance with the one who got away?


About Abby Cavenaugh

Abby Cavenaugh-author photo

Abby Cavenaugh is a writer of romantic women’s fiction and YA paranormal. She is a newspaper editor by day, but dreams of someday retiring to the North Carolina coast to write books full-time. She lives near Charlotte with her twin sister, also a writer, six-year-old niece and crazy cat, Gus, and is driven by dreams, Diet Coke and chocolate.

Review of Going Home Again

What a sweet, lovely romance!

Who hasn’t had a sweet high school crush? I know I have. And this book allowed me to revisit this love. Le sigh.

Sometimes  I can’t help but wonder the question What if?

Well, Alyssa (who had a crush) is thrown into a spiral of emotions when her heartthrob Michael returns to their hometown and then confronted with all the feels. Michael is going through a separation, which makes all of the feelings not always so easy to deal with.

I loved this book and I love how this story is told in alternating perspectives. Both characters were written realistically– which is so important. I hate when I read a book and the characters sound flat or fake. NOT THE CASE HERE. Both Alyssa and Michael are real people, with real emotions, and a beautiful story to tell.

I laughed, I cried, and I enjoyed the schmexy times.

Amazing job Abby! The only complaint I have is that I want more!! (*hint hint)

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Ten Word Thursday

15 Aug

Ten word Thursday

Write or die. I’ll die one day so I should…

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